At Nissan 422 of Limerick, we’ve got a vast collection of brand new Nissan sedans for you to browse! These sedans have everything you need, from advanced infotainment to plenty of cargo space to a plethora of safety features. Choose from a sleek Altima, a functional Sentra, or an environmentally-friendly Versa. If you’re having trouble deciding, remember to ask the Nissan experts at our Limerick location!

    Affordable Luxury With the New Nissan Altima

    Since 1992, the Altima has allowed drivers to experience a luxury car without the astronomically high price tag. The Altima comes with a variety of extra safety features you won’t be able to find on any other affordable standard trim sedans, such as a surround-view monitor and forward emergency braking. With the Altima, you’ll be able to enjoy premium interior materials and a powerful engine. Commutes will be silent, enjoyable, and cozy as you settle into your safe space. The new Altima is set to break safety records while providing the technology needed to stay ahead of the curve.

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    Fab and Functional Driving With the New Nissan Sentra

    Once Nissan’s favorite entry-level sedan, the Sentra has developed into a gorgeous mid-size vehicle with plenty of cargo space. The Sentra is fit, efficient, and handles any terrain with ease. You won’t find an abundance of technological features, but when you explore what the new Sentra has to offer, you’ll be impressed by what you can get for such a bargain price. The Sentra was aptly named due to its safety, as its construction has won many safety awards through the years. Ask the Nissan experts at Nissan 422 of Limerick for more info!

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    Keep Things Simple With a New Nissan Versa

    Not many automakers are continuing their lines of small, subcompact cars. However, Nissan knows many consumers are interested in a manageable, safe sedan without massive extra cargo space. The Versa is one of the last of its class, and though it’s newer than the Altima or the Sentra, it still packs a big punch. With the Versa, you’ll find plenty of infotainment and safety features for a great price. You can’t go wrong with its excellent fuel economy rating, especially when gas prices continue to rise. First-time drivers will especially love the Versa, as it keeps things simple without being a bore.

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    Give us a call and let us know when you’re ready to test drive any of our new Nissan sedan models! We’ll make sure the car you want is still in stock before you arrive. From there, you can take your ideal sedan for a spin before you make any final decisions. At Nissan 422 of Limerick, we understand that buying the right car is also about finding the best possible price. Any financial questions can be directed towards our expert finance team, who can match you with the loan you need to enjoy a brand new Nissan sedan.

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